Ark Capital

Strategic Land

As well as being the holding company for the group, Ark Capital itself has substantial interests in a strategic land bank of both residential and commercial development plots.

When the time is right these plots are transferred to companies within the group to be brought forward into the production cycle. This land bank is expected to grow substantially in the future as sites continue to be assembled.

Joint Ventures

Ark has entered into joint ventures with a number of developers such as William Davis, Miller Homes and Bloor Homes.

The company’s successful joint venture with Miller Homes at Castle Marina in Nottingham led to the creation of 102 new houses and apartments in a waterside setting just 10 minutes walk from the city centre.

Private Equity

Ark Capital also operates a Private Equity Fund.

The fund invests between £2m to £5m each in successful and expanding businesses managed by strong and energetic management teams who need investment to help them develop and grow.